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Menopause Dry Eyes

Menopause can bring a variety of unexpected changes that include many physical symptoms. While many of us associate symptoms such as menopause dry eyes and dry skin with the aging process, they are actually triggered by the hormonal changes of menopause. In fact, more than half of all women experience occasional dry eyes menopause that is serious enough to interfere with their daily activities.

Dry Eyes Menopause

Symptoms of menopause and dry eyes can begin in a woman’s 40s. In some cases, eyes may not necessarily feel dry. They may instead be irritated, itchy, gritty, sensitive to the light or even watery, and vision may be blurred. Eye drops may alleviate the discomfort temporarily, but they are not capable of addressing the root cause of the menopause dry eyes. Decreased hormone production can lead to reduced oil production by the glands in the inner eyelids or by tears that evaporate too quickly. Those with diabetes and lupus may be at the highest risk of developing dry eyes during menopause.

Menopause and Dry Eyes

Some symptoms can be alleviated with rest or environmental changes. Limiting your screen time and avoiding contact with potential irritants, such as smoke, can be helpful. However, the underlying cause of dry eyes menopause does need to be addressed to reduce the risk of serious health problems such as corneal ulcers or infections. A balanced diet rich in healthy fats can alleviate some of the symptoms of dry eye. Moisturizing eye drops can alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of complications. Restoring hormonal balance can promote health in the estrogen receptors in your eyes and alleviate the inflammatory response associated with dry eyes.

Dry Eyes and Menopause

If you have dry eyes and menopause symptoms, you may also be more prone to vaginal dryness, dry skin and joint inflammation. Addressing these symptoms with a natural menopause product such as DON’T PAUSE can provide you with the nutritional support you need to enjoy greater comfort and continue living the life you want. Contact us today to learn more about how DON’T PAUSE can restore your balance and alleviate your symptoms.

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